VECTOR in the Media: Raising Public Awareness of the Dangers of UXOs

Event -

On 18.02.2021, Prof. Aleksandar Ivanov and fourth year students Natalija Ognenova and Toma Hristovski in the morning show 'Macedonia in the morning' on Macedonian Radio Television presented the campaign to raise awareness among citizens about the danger of unexploded ordnance.

This campaign is implemented by the Faculty of Security - Skopje, who is a partner in the NATO SPS funded project VECTOR.

Prof. Aleksandar Ivanov presented the goals of the project and the public awareness campaign.Students Natalija Ognenova and Toma Hristovski shared their experiences from participating in the campaign and meetings with citizens in which they gave instructions on how to act if they find unexploded ordnance. By acting in accordance with this guidance, citizens can actively contribute to increasing both their own safety and that of their fellow citizens. 

The co-director of the project, Prof. Marina Malish Sazdovska as well as Dr. Kire Babanoski, Natalija Ognenova and Elena Stepanovska, on 22.02.2021 were also guests in the show 'Open for the University', where they talked with the editor-in-chief Sonja Tantarova Grueska about the project and campaign.

The campaign started in Bitola on 11.02.2021 in cooperation with the Prevention Department at the Sector for Internal Affairs Bitola and the regional unit of the Protection and Rescue Directorate. The Faculty of Security - Skopje will continue this campaign across the country in cooperation with the Ministry of Interior and the Protection and Rescue Directorate.