Raising UXO Awareness on the Anniversary of the PRD

Event -

To mark the anniversary of the Protection and Rescue Directorate (PRD), VECTOR held a public awareness event in Kichevo and Tetovo to raise awareness among citizens about the dangers  of unexploded ordnances (UXO). The campaign is organised by the Faculty of Security - Skjope in cooperation with the MoI Prevention Department at the Sectors for Internal Affairs – Ohrid and Tetovo and the regional units of the Protection and Rescue Directorate.

The campaign attracted attention from the public and local media who were informed of the aims of the NATO SPS funded project as well as guidance on the dangers and appropriate actions to take if they encountered an UXO. This event is part of a wider campaign conducted by the VECTOR project to sensitise citizens in areas at risk of UXOs within of the Republic of North Macedonia on the best ways to protect themselves, their livelihoods and communities from the dangers of remnants of war.