UXO Awareness Campaign Continues in Ohrid

Event -

The Faculty of Security - Skopje, a partner in the NATO SPS supported VECTOR project, continued the campaign to raise awareness among citizens about the danger of unexploded ordnances and how to act to protect themselves and fellow citizens, this time in Ohrid, on the 14th of November 2021. The event took place in cooperation with organisations from the Republic of North Macedonia including the Protection and Rescue Directorate, Ministry of Interior, Prevention Department at the Sector for Internal Affairs in Ohrid, and volunteers from the local Red Cross organization as well as students from the Faculty of Security - Skopje. Local media were particularly interested in the event and were also actively involved in conveying the message to citizens.

Through the campaign, the citizens of Ohrid were provided with educational flyers and were given specific recommendations and instructions on how to act if they are faced with unexploded ordinances. Acting in accordance with these guidelines, citizens contribute to increasing safety and reducing the risk to life and health, both for themselves and their closest fellow citizens, as well as for the environment in which they live and work.